We keep pure bred Hebridean sheep. There are five going to slaughter sometime at the end of May or the beginning of june. You can buy half a lamb (£30) choice of heart or liver, or a whole lamb (£60): but with a whole lamb you are guaranteed the heart and liver.

We also sell live animals : Rams, Ewes, Ewes with lamb afoot or weaned lambs.

Our flock of Hebridean sheep

There is some stockwire under the trees on the left: this prevents the flock from eating our lovely cowslips. The trees on the left are small-leaf limes and there is a young oak in the middle of the photograph.

Flock Number: 348059

The flock arrived on 1st August 2002, purchased Cobthorn Farm, Congresbury. The flock consisted of 1 ram, 6 ewes and a lamb born in 2002.

Spring 2003: 8 ewe lambs & 4 ram lambs. (6 sets of twins)

Spring 2004: 9 ewe lambs & 10 ram lambs. (7 sets of twins & 5 singles)

Spring 2005: 24 lambs (9 sets of twins and 6 singles). There were 16 ewe lambs and 8 ram lambs. However, we have sold 4 ewe lambs and 4 ram lambs.

Spring 2006: 23 lambs were born this year. Most have been sold, some with their mothers. They have gone to good homes where the occupants needed hardy low maintenance lawnmowers.

Spring 2007: only 12 lambs were born this year since we had sold many of our ewes last summer.

Summer 2008: 17 lambs came this spring. DEFRA caused problems: movement restrictions, so none have been sold yet.

This year (2012) we have thirteen lambs.

Their grazing regime requires that they do not stay in one paddock for more than two weeks and that they do not return to a paddock for at least three weeks.

The ram lambs are entire, ie they have not been castrated. Even at 7 months old,  they are already interested in the opposite sex!

NB We sell live animals as available; give us a ring on 01749  880841.

I can deliver in the Wanstrow area i.e. between Frome, Shepton Mallet & Bruton.

Use this page to contact me if you are interested in having some. Visit my Hebridean Sheep page to find out more.