Our planning application for a 5.8 KW wind turbine to be mounted on a 12
metre mast was approved on 29th July 2008. The turbine was erected on Tuesday 13th January 2009
and commissioned on 14th. Watch this space for details
of electricity generation.

The total number of kilowatt hours produced by the turbine each month
this year was:

January 194.7
February 173.4
March 299.9
April 192.6
May  110.2
June   82.3
July 150.1

In August we installed a 1.5KW solar panel; system.

The total number of kilowatt hours produced by the PV panels each month was:

January   48.3
February  149.2
March   38.3
April  194.5
May  201.2
June  223.8
July  102.7

The maximum number of units in one day so far was 52 kWhr/d

The tail fin has just been replaced with a heavier metal blade; this
should hold the turbine into the wind better. The inverters have been
reprogrammed to make more electricity in low winds.

Out turbine in the snow ~ no wind today.

Ground Works Electrical Works Raising the Turbine

The average wind here speed is over 6 m/sec at 12 metres above
ground level. This should yield over 10 Mw Hr per year. We are currently
monitoring wind speed and other weather conditions.