If you are thinking of starting a smallholding, we might be able to help you make up your mind.

By spending a week or two with us you would get some idea of our lifestyle. This is a completely flexible idea. Though many of our activities are daily ones, eg feeding the poultry and collecting eggs, there are seasonal tasks, eg cutting and storing firewood.

Virginia and I expect to provide you with an interesting, informative and enjoyable “learning experience”. We are both experienced secondary teachers, though we are both retired now. We are offering a learning experience rather than a predetermined course, ie the daily routine will be arranged in discussion with you prior to your visit.

What is on offer?

  1. hands on experience with poultry, sheep and horses,
  2. experience of equipment,
  3. relaxed learning environment,
  4. comfortable accommodation,
  5. good food,
  6. fresh air,
  7. opportunities for sight seeing in Somerset and
  8. other possibilities which include amateur radio and pottery.

For further information, please email me —nigel@purchon.com