The kitchen garden produces sufficient for us for most of the year. There are four deep dug beds which we use in a four year rotation. Where possible the ground is double cropped each year. When the onions have been lifted, leeks go in the available space. As we harvest potatoes, space is made available for more salad crops and some of the brassicas.


Here are some globe artichokes, peas beans (left) & onions (right).

This is a four bed rotation:

1. Onions, shallots & garlick.

2. Salad crops including radish & spring onion.

3. Brassicas: broccolli, cabbage & cauliflower.

4. Peas & beans.

5. Root crops.

6. Potatoes & leeks.

This crop rotation has to be modified each year since the four beds are not equal sizes.

Asparagus, apple trees and flowers fill the borders.