We currently have 4 ducks and 4 drakes.

The nice things about the ducks are: firstly, wonderful eggs that are  especially good for making cakes and flans; secondly, they make excellent eating  if we get them before the fox; and thirdly, they do absolutely no damage to the  garden unlike the geese and chickens.

They eat poultry corn and layers pellets in competition with the geese and  chickens, but they also range freely eating slugs and worms. They love wet  weather.

Unfortunately the fox had several ducks for supper last year.  We hatched two ducklings, but the rather handsome drake was taken by reynard.  The coffee coloured duck is sitting on a clutch amongst the raspberry canes.  Four ducklings came out of the incubator last week.

NB You can buy our chicken, duck and goose eggs as well  as flans at the Frome country market in the Cheese and Grain Hall on Wednesday  mornings almost every week. The goose eggs are seasonal, though we get duck and  chicken eggs almost all year.

Two pairs of mallard often visit the pond: they know that there is food to be had!