I love making small dishes and bowls from green wood. They come off the lathe perfectly circular, but after a couple of days in the kitchen they dry and distort. Since I turn them very thin (between one and two millimetres thick) they do not crack. Once they are fully dried, I put them back on the lathe and skim their bottoms so that they will sit flat on a table. I also make keyrings, pens and boxes. For a unique gift, my prices are very competetive. Yes, you can buy cheaper at Lidl, but not unique. Each of my bowls/dishes is labelled on the bottom with the species, my initials and the year in which I made it.

Visit the Craft Market in Frome at the Cheese and Grain on a Thursday morning.

Here is the walnut bowl I made this afternoon.


Unfortunately, there were a few cracks in the original blank. After I had turned the bottom, but before I sanded it, I dripped in some thin CA glue. After turning the inside of the bowl I dripped in some more CA glue from the inside. I then finished the inside and polished the bowl; so I hope that will hold it together.

After sanding to either 400 or sometimes 600 grit, I buff my bowls. The first buff is with a coarse linen cloth and Tripoli compound. The with another coarse cloth and White Diamond compound, and finally a fine cloth using carnuba wax. This is the beall buffing system.